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Soft-sided pools, (the pools that you can buy and set up in your backyard in 1 day), is a rapidly growing industry. People really like that they can have all the benefits of an expensive pool for a small fraction of a normal pool cost.

The most popular soft-sided pools come from brands like Intex, Summer Escapes and Best Way. They each offer various types of pools, but it’s helpful to know that – irrespective of the brand – the 2 most popular categories are:

Inflatable Soft-Sided Pools

soft-sidedInflatable soft-sided pools are installed using an inflation process, usually the upper ring of the pool. It’s pretty cool how it works, actually. You simply inflate the upper ring and then fill it up with water and, voila! You’ve got yourself a backyard paradise!

Framed Pools

framedFramed pools are called this because they come with some type of framing that holds the water in. The framing is set up first and then the water is put in. This is also a simple process and can get you up and running with a backyard pool in minutes!

But, while soft-sided pools are meant to be easy to set up and use, they are still a pool – and any pool is going to require maintenance to keep the water crystal clear.

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